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Attendance Areas

We are very fortunate to have wonderful schools in the Fruitvale School District. However, no matter how good a school is, if students aren't in class to benefit from the teaching and curriculum available, they're not going to succeed. During the 2012-2013 school year, attendance in the Fruitvale School District dropped to an unacceptable level.  This affects a student’s academic achievement, self-esteem and long term habits of reliability. One of the most important things that you can help your child do to achieve academic success is also one of the easiest and most basic: going to school every day.

In fact, research has shown that your child's attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing his/her academic success.


In the Fruitvale School District, students who are ill more than ten days during a school year must have a doctor’s note. 

  1. a.      Students who have three or more unexcused tardies or absences are truant and will receive a letter notifying parents of this status. 
  2. b.      A student who has an additional unexcused absence or tardy will receive a second truancy and will be assigned to a lunchtime or afterschool program. 
  3. c.       Once a child has 9 or more unexcused tardies or absences, the student will be declared a “habitual truant” and parents will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for truancy, unless they have conferenced with the school principal.


By making your child's school attendance a priority, you will be taking an important step in supporting your child's school success, and setting a good example. Remember every day counts!


All schools in Fruitvale will be enforcing attendance policies.  Incentives and rewards will help students to develop good habits, but because of their ages, most students are very dependent upon their parents to help them get to school and be on time.  Please help your child by reinforcing that school is a priority and making certain they attend.

Sometimes you may have to fight the reluctant child to make certain they attend school, but remember habits of regular attendance will have lasting benefits for your child.  Your school principal will be in touch with you personally if attendance or tardies become an issue for your child.  Thank you for support. 


Please contact your school principal or my office if you have questions or concerns about your particular child.  We look forward to a great year in the Fruitvale School District.


Dr. Mary Westendorf, Superintendent