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English Learners

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English proficiency levels at all ages require both integrated English language development (ELD) and specialized attention to their particular language learning needs. This multilayered application of the CA ELD Standards requires collaboration among educators, support for teachers, and, most importantly, a sustained focus on the strengths and needs of individual students who are English learners. We believe that all students who are English learners can achieve the highest levels of academic and linguistic excellence!
The focus of our designated ELD class is to develop English language skills to support students to use English purposefully.  Through daily practice, students will grow in their reading, writing, listening and speaking proficiency. The main goal is that each student will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the English language.  We also develop a positive and successful work ethic that is needed for students to succeed in high school, college, work, and life. Finally, regular practice and support for the ELPAC (which determines the students’ enrollment in ELD) is provided with weekly focuses on each section to ensure students are confident in their ability to take and pass the exam. 

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